Open Studio 
April 2014

Glass Slide Compositions use sheets of glass to suspend collages made from the salvage and debris created during the printing process. These forms are a result of mis-fed sheets or discarded offcuts that fall out of reach and are forgotten inside the presses and left to disintegrate by soaking up the oils and grease from the machines accumulated during my time spent working as a commercial letterpress printer. 

By appropriating printer’s materials and limiting the number of elements involved, I create minimal, self-referential works with found textures and readymade colours.


North York Arts
January 16 – February 6, 2015 

Arts Etobicoke
March 30 – April 24, 2015

Default Programming features a selection of recent works and ongoing projects developed by emerging artists with diverse backgrounds, passions and practices, revealing surprising affinities when they are encouraged to approach, and reflect upon, the blurred borders between art and work. The exhibition presents works reflective of the studio environment and its varied conditions and connotations within the larger fabric of social reality, and thus it aims to cause a debate around the current conditions of artistic production. At first sight, one can easily approach these artworks as if they stage no precise critique, so do their young creators love to trick the viewer by manifesting a rather contemplative attitude towards life, bending their ideas into small and rather quiet gestures. However, none of this means they lack a sense of urgency in shaking the spatialized power relations and governing rules of economics.

"...References to the “working status”of the artists can be also found in projectsdeveloped by Hazel Eckert andBailey Govier. Eckert spends her daysin a commercial letterpress print shopworking with analogue technology, andher collection of scavenged off of thefloor and out of recycling bins materialstriggers her “archival impulse.” Herbody of work revolves around intuitiveresponses to these found materials,pieces cut away from a bigger picturethat she appropriates, documents,and even curates. Eckert’s recent GlassSlide Compositions, collages made fromsalvaged debris suspended betweensheets of glass, show a tireless curiosityand reverence for these artifacts:the result is both a self-referential imageand an ironic comment on the transformationsof the context in which she livesand works..."

By Oana Tanase
Independent Curator

Excerpt taken from Default Programming, read the complete exhibition text here.

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